A flexible, cost-effective resourcing solution that opens doors

At ALMA we help our clients take on more projects, save time, and avoid the costs of hiring full-time staff.
The challenge

Our client, a law firm with a small London real estate team, wanted to pitch to a client acquiring multiple assets in the holiday and leisure sector.

The quote needed to be competitive, but with high charge-out rates and insufficient capacity in their core team to deal with the due diligence, the law firm needed another solution.

The solution

We worked with the firm to design a team and process that would enable them to deliver the work, while keeping costs low through our flexible resourcing model.

The law firm included the ALMA model and process as part of their pitch to the client to demonstrate innovation and a determination to resource efficiently.

The impact

The pitch was successful, and ALMA lawyers worked closely with the law firm’s real estate team to deliver each transaction on time and on budget.


Do you need help with a project?

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