A plug-in team to deliver on a work-intensive acquisition

Our clients come to us because they need more lawyers to be able to take on and deliver projects. By using our bespoke, managed service, they’re able to say yes to new work with confidence, without ever overloading their existing teams.
The challenge

Our client was involved in corporate support work on the acquisition of a UK distribution business. They didn’t have the capacity they’d need in their existing team, so they came to us to see how a managed on-demand solution could work for them.

The solution

We worked with the client to build the right team with the experience needed, and managed the delivery of the work.

Our client asked us to prepare four certificates of title, liaising directly with the corporate team to provide input into the enquiries process and raise red flag issues.

The impact

Commercial issues meant the deal had to be put on hold for a period, but when work recommenced, we made sure we were available to see the work through to completion.

Unforeseen circumstances like these are a common feature of commercial real estate deals, and often present resourcing challenges. With ALMA, the same team stays with you and supports you throughout the whole lifecycle of the project to ensure seamless delivery.


Do you need help with a project?

Get in touch and we can explore how our managed on-demand lawyers can help.
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